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Phax Pharma offers in-licensing, out-licensing and market analysis services. For each business area questions need to be answered for the acquisition and development of successful products.

You've seen a product you like, but how well has that product been developed? What's the market potential? Do they justify the licensing terms? Just how big is the market potential for your development? Who are the potential licensees? How should you structure your financial terms? Do you know the size of your market? Just how many other products are in development and how do they compare to your product?

With over fifty licensing deals under our belt across all phases of the business development process we can add value to your business


  • Due diligence services
  • Market analysis & financial forecasting
  • Return on investment calculations
  • Risk modelling calculations


  • Identify potential licensors
  • Prepare documents for due diligence
  • Marketing & scientific literature
  • Financial modelling for deal terms.

Market analysis

  • Define your market
  • Review competitive landscape
  • Model your financial forecasts
  • Analyse return on investments


Assessment: Due diligence, quality audits, contractor management, more...

Regulatory: Regulatory documents, scientific advice meetings, more...

Us: People, contact details, more...


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